Hey guys, i own an Ibanez RG370DXL left handed guitar (H-S-H) with a basswood body and i hate the stock pickups. I'm planning on replacing the two humbuckers asap.

Genres: I already have a Tele for the lower gain territory, but i'd hate to haul around two guitar when gigging. This would be mainly for Jason Becker-ish shred, for thick, fast death metal and progressive metal such as Dream Theater and Opeth. The pups should be good for lead parts, nice sustain because i'm usually the one playing those, reasonable mids would be nice. I want pups that clean up reasonably well with the volume knob for the lower gain blues (in a situation when i don't have my Tele), as well as have pretty decent cleans for the non-distorted passages.

Budget: The usual DiMarzio/Seymour duncan price range. Can't stretch my budget beyond that.

Preferences: Passives, not actives. And i've been looking at the John Petrucci CrunchLab/LiquiFire set, but have never tried it so i'd love to hear your opinions on that. Also been looking at the ToneZone, Air Norton and PAF Pros..

Gear: I'll be using it through a Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 or a Line 6 PodHd500. I know that the difference between pickups would be reduced when played through modellers, but the stock INF pups on my Ibanez are just terrible!

Thanks a lot,
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Dimarzio combo that could work: Evo2 in the bridge with a Breed neck. The Petrucci combo you mentioned would also work fine.

Duncan combo that could work: Set of Full Shreds.
The HD 500 is pretty responsive to pickup changed, even different guitars. I usually don't buy artist pickups, but the liquifire and crunchlab is an awesome combo.
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