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A lot of people seem to be pretty sure about the fact that, expensive so called 'elixer' strings are absolutely the best, cause they last the longest. Another thing I seem to hear a lot about is waxing your fretboard every now and then, cause it will 'feed' the wood. And there are these fast fret products that will help you clean your strings, last them longer etc etc.

All kinds of products that I hear, as a guitarist, you cant live without.

What are your thoughts about this?

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I use a Dunlop string cleaner with applicator, and I see difference. Before I started to use it, the strings got rusty after shorter time.
Now, I even clean the strings with a dry cloth before applying the Dunlop cleaner. Everytime I pick up the guitar and touch the strings, they have a nice smooth coating.
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Can't live without a cotton/linen piece of cloth and water.
People recommend Elixirs because they last, not because they won't harm your instruments. No strings will harm your instrument unless you want to put a 6 string bass set in your guitar which probably would cause the neck to bend so much that you could play Harp with it.
Lemon oil is good, but not for long run (10+ years). Simple as that.
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In my Gig Bag

Finger ease
3 extra sets of strings
several microfiber towels
2 extra 20 foot cables
duct tape
a few screwdrivers
wire cutters

In my cleaning kit

lemon Oil
Microfiber towels
carnuba paste wax
Contact cleaner.
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IMO its all BS.

i lemon oil rosewood fretboards every six months, dont go too crazy with it and soak the board, that is not good.

sure Elixers may last the longest,but for the price you can get three packs of D'addarios, and last longe than the elixers. i dont likethe coating on elixers either, but that is personal preference.

the only thing i do after playing is wipe strings down with a cloth.

as far as waxing the wood i am not sure what you are saying.
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Ernie Ball guitar polish and microfiber cloth is all I use right now. I'm still trying to find the right thing to clean tarnished gold hardware without taking off all the gold plating.
I just use regular Ernie Ball strings and the Dunlop range of guitar care products. I use the Dunlop stuff simply because you can buy them all at once in nice kits which saves a bit of money and is nice and straight forward to buy. I do have some Gibson finish polish though for two of my guitars that have nitro finishes. I have tried other strings too but none of them seem any better or worse than the Ernie Balls and EBs are the easiest and cheapest to buy so that's what I stick with.
i have a "doctor kit" that i use for both pinball machine cleaning and guitar and electronics. When ever I clean a guitar, purchase a used game system or work on a pinball machine i use the kit.
- It has a light glass cleaning foam (used for delicate parts if need be), various toothbrushs with different stiffness, micro fiber cloths, mothers caranuba wax, mothers aluminum mag polish, alcohol swabs, a bottle of 80%/20% water-ethyl alcohol solution (20% ethyl alcohol), Dunlop 65 cleaning kit, Dunlop 65 lemon oil, jewelers screwdriver set, very small sharp wire cutter, various electronic grade files, a soldering kit with different tips and gauges, liquid bearing grease (from a bike shop... used sparingly it is like gold) and finally a can of pledge (i don't use this on guitars but i keep it for pin cabinets and such).
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As far as elixer strings, its a fact that they last longer and are brighter for longer.. Whether you like the tone or not is completely subjective. I buy them because I don't like changing strings every week or 2 weeks. As far as maintaining the guitar, I've used oil on my strat neck like 2 times, I don't like how it feels after so I don't use it anymore, had the guitar for 6 years and no problems not maintaining it.

My acoustic is the only thing, it was expensive and is very sensitive to temperature humidity changes so in the winter I keep it in it's case with a humidifier.

Some people make more of a hobby out of being elitist about cleaning their guitars than they actually do playing them. It's pretty dumb.
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As far as elixer strings, its a fact that they last longer and are brighter for longer..
This is not a 'fact'. This is entirely subjective to use.
I just use GHS Boomers and I play them months at a time before they even sound or feel like they will needing changing soon and I play several hours daily.
Does everyone need this kind of "cleaning kit", even those with cheap Encore guitars?

I mean, it just stands there, being played for about an hour every day, because the fingers can't take anymore. What can go wrong with it? I mean you're not driving your guitar around the city, it's in your room all the time. The only thing I can see that needs to be done to it, is dust it off once a month. And if the string breaks, change it. I'm completely green in this though
My own personal cleaning kit is nothing but washcloths, painters tape, masking tape, steel wool, WD-40, and Spray Away brand glass cleaner. I never need anything more than that.
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My own personal cleaning kit is nothing but washcloths, painters tape, masking tape, steel wool, WD-40, and Spray Away brand glass cleaner. I never need anything more than that.

Do you actually use WD on a guitar?

Damn, everything is much more complicated than I expected it to be.
I clean my fretboard and polish the frets, never really oil it - glassy ebony is WIN
The body gets a soft cloth... sometimes.
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Do you actually use WD on a guitar?

Damn, everything is much more complicated than I expected it to be.

Well not really to do general cleaning but if I get a guitar in trade and its covered in stickers and other sticky stuff the WD-40 gets it all off.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, I have before and after pictures of a guitar that recently got and cleaned using only the stuff I mentioned above.

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