hi im looking for an all round practise bass amp with a few features like eq for instance so you can have suitable tone for anything from grindcore to slap, i dont think i need more than 15w cause im only starting off playing bass and i dont think its wise to get a full 10000 watt stack at this time
I have a 200 watt create bass amp that is perfect for practice and shows. Its EQ is AMAZING!!!! Its the perfect bass amp for anything from jazz/pop to metal/death metal. The only issues I have with it is weight/size it weighs like 10 children and its only a 15" speaker and it recently stoped doing this but sometimes it would short out ( I got the amp used so you wont have to worry about that if you get one like mine )
I've been using an old 60W Roland Bass Cube for decades. It's served me well. It's even been used at countless gigs with a mike in front of it. You should be able to pick up one of the old ones pretty cheap these days.
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