i've been looking for a good small tube head for stuff like deftones, tool, ratm, and audioslave

i've been looking at the orange tiny terror, blackstar ht-5, jet city jca 20, engl gigmaster, and marshall haze.

my budget is about £450

needs to be able to play small gigs over a moderately loud drummer

For hard rock and metal, its hard to beat the Dark Terror. It's just like the Tiny Terror except it has more gain, and a darker tone. Sounds awesome. I've heard good things about the HT-6 as well.
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Do you already have a cab?

Also, I'd avoid the Marshall Haze. Not a fan of the ht-5, sounds too dull to me, overpriced, and not enough power for gigs.

Orange tiny terror is only 15w, not sure how loud it sounds in person though, it might be enough, hard to say.

I would definitely consider the Jet City 50w head if you already got a cab
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If you need no cleans, the tiny or dark terrors are definitely loud enough, and In my opinion, sound fantastic.
i do need cleans, but a pushed clean , don't really need channel switching, i prefer using a volume knob
blackstar and gigmaster aren't all-tube, as far as i'm aware, just so you know

some of the jet cities, if they're still on offer on ebay from their uk distributor, might be worth considering. i haven't tried them, though.
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