Crazy norwegian here. I have been playing for 3 years. I love Jimi Hendrix and his music. I have a Hagstrøm Super Swede from 1978 (it's a Les Paul shaped Electric guitar with double humbuckers including a coil tap switch). Amp is a Mosvalve RT-2100 100Watt.

So the matter at hand is what Fuzz should I get? I love Jimi Hendrix and my favourite album is Axis Bold as Love and I love the sound he has at Monterey. So I have a friend who is selling a Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz and a Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face, I have been allowed to borrow both and try them out and so forth, but as I am rather new in this field of Fuzz pedals I though I would ask you lads. So anyone have any feedback or experience with either? As far as I know the JH Fuzzface is silicon transistors whilst the Roger Mayer one has Germanium transistors.

Kind regards from John in Norway.
i agree with wouter, you should try them both out with your gear and see what sounds the bet to you.
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first you need a fender stratocaster for hendrix it does depend on the era. pretty sure for Axis the fuzzface he used was germanium. the later stuff was done with silicone. personally i'd go with the roger mayer as he is the guy who fine tuned or created jimi's fx. since you have access to both try them out with your gear and see which works better for you. not to sure how they'll behave with a mosfet amp though.