WTT: MIJ Washburn G20V, Set neck, Wonderbar bridge, Carbonite FB. Trade for 7 String

Hey guys.

I have a 80's Washburn G20V, set neck, made in japan super stratalike. Twin humbuckers, Carbonite fingerboard and the AWESOME Washburn wonderbar bridge.

Its a fantastic player with an awesome hard rock/metal sound. The stock Wonderbar nut has been replaced with a better Floyd rose nut. I have an unoriginal trem bar for it, but I have found someone with a stock of black NOS replacement trem bars if needed.

It has a very dark red candy apple type finish. There are light scratches dings and scuffs which are part and parcel of an old guitar such as this. It's also just had a repair on the butt strap pin where shipping damage occured. None of this is visible on stage.

This is the same type as used by Wayne in Waynes world (Before he got the strat).

I am looking for trades for a 7 String. Preferably a set neck, like a Maverick Species 7 string.





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