English is not my first language, but I'm fairly proficient in it. When listening to some music however - ranging from the mumbling voices of acoustic singer-songwriters to the incomprehensible singing of Thom Yorke - I still have issues hearing what's going on lyrically.

When listening to a completly fresh album (which I do constantly) I sometimes opt to actually have the lyrics in front of me. I consider lyrics a big part of music, and not picking them up removes a lot of the experience. At the same time though - reading them while also listening to a new song is hardly optimal.

Does anyone else have this problem? How do you deal with it? Do you even care about lyrics?

TL;DR: If you have no idea what the singer is singing, do you bother looking it up?
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I do care about the lyrics but the only way to understand them if you don't is to look at the lyrics
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I do care about the lyrics but the only way to understand them if you don't is to look at the lyrics

Of course, I'm just wondering if other people bother.
I never read the lyrics on a first time listening through a song (unless I've been specifically told to listen to it for the lyrics).
Apart from anything, I tend to mis-hear a lot of things in it which can lead to inspirations of my own.
Yeah, if it's bothering me. If it's a foreign band, ala Sigur Ros, then I don't really care.
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I'd just listen carefully. You'll learn to hear words better eventually if you just focus on it. If you absolutely can't tell what the lyrics are, then read them and listen to the song again.
I listen first off for the music and the vocals, but if I can't understand the lyrics, I won't go to look them up. Usually there will be a few lines in a song that stick out and I will remember, and over time I will start learning the whole song.