Hi guys,

I want to repaint my guitar so that it looks like this guitar -> http://espguitars.com/guitars/ltd-standard-deluxe/mh-350nt.html

But I have a question. Not about sunburst, cause it's simple to paint, but about this cool looking pattern. Is it wood pattern? How to achieve it? And what color should I use?

This pattern also interests me -> http://espguitars.com/guitars/signature/jk-1.html

Thanks for the answers. And sorry for my bad English.
Ok, but how to achieve this pattern? Two layers of paint, not four? Then polishing or something?
That is the actual wood. Its dyed and clear coated, not painted. If you want to try and faux finish a pattern like that it's possible but it will just look fake and cheap in comparison to the real thing.
curly/quilted maple veneer
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