Got a new song I'm working on and would love some opinions. I haven't finished mixing yet and I will be adding more variation to the drums. Also the vocals seem to be clipping a bit, so will probably do another take.

Would love any advice/opinions on the song, the mix and the vocals. I'm new to singing and I'm still working lot's on my voice, but I think this is definitely one of my better takes.


My man...this is great! Good stuff...yeah your voice lacks a bit in a certain way...but it doesn't matter...it's funky as hell and it sounds catchy. I really enjoy it
I REALLY enjoyed listening to that. IMO you have a natural singing voice (I wish I did) . At the beginning I heard maybe one note slightly off but by the end I was simply bobbing my head around. The solo was very good and I've actually been working on a song recently with an extremely similar Funky chord sequence.

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Thanks again my friend! Really appreciate your kind words! Would like to hear your song too!

I've only got a basic idea of it. I haven't finished writing it yet and then I have to record as well. I'll be sure to let you know when it's done though