I've got a new song I'm working on and was wondering if you could give me some advice and opinions on my voice? I'm still pretty new to this whole singing malarky, but I've definitely improved a huge amount since I started. Still lot's of work to do though.

The vocals do seem to be clipping a bit, but please try and ignore that if you can (it's not too bad)


Thanks so much!
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I REALLY enjoyed listening to that. IMO you have a natural singing voice (I wish I did) . At the beginning I heard maybe one note slightly off but by the end I was simply bobbing my head around. The solo was very good and I've actually been working on a song recently with an extremely similar Funky chord sequence.

Well that's one of the kindest things anyone has said about my music. So thank you so much for that. I agree there is a few patchy bits, but I'm really happy with my improvements.

In response to your comment about it being natural, while I'm delighted it sounds that way to you, I really had to work on it. When I started my tone was terrible, pitch was shaky, I thought I was destined to be utterly dreadful for ever. Practice and dedication will really pay off for you my friend! Stick at it!
This is pretty sick man. It's awesome to hear someone with a voice they've worked for and can be proud of. Props bro.
Thanks so much, really appreciate it!

In regards to the rasp, I only started getting it when I could really belt out. Find somewhere, like a studio, where you can try and sing as loud as possible without the fear of anyone hearing you, and just experiment. That's when I started to improve and find things out about my voice.

Thanks again for listening and leaving such kind comments!
Cool song. Good singing throughout, fits perfectly for the style of music you play. What was/is your practice routine like? do you sing along to scales and stuff or just songs? I'm a pretty new singer, Iv'e improved a bit but I feel like I hit a plateu, but I aint going to quit! Anyways man, keep rocking and rolling.
Thank so much man!

I don't really have a practice routine as such. I just stay behind after my band rehearse and just experiment. Just find a place where you can open up and truly let go, I'm sure you'll almost instantly feel your voice open up.
definitely liked it man, the intro riff kinda overwhelmed me haha very energetic song
I really like this musically. The guitar playing is excellent.

I have to admit that I'm not real crazy about the vocals, however, and I'm not quite sure why. I think it's some combination of these:

I don't think you've found YOUR voice yet. At times this sounds a lot like various white bands who were trying to do the blues in the mid 60s - it feels like you're wearing someone else's clothes. (Something like "Born in Chicago" by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band is one of the better examples of the sort of thing I'm talking about. Compare that to, say, Howlin' Wolf and you'll see what I mean).

Sometimes the singing sounds forced, like you're trying to belt it out without singing too loud, or that all the energy is coming from your head and throat rather than your belly and soul. This gives it a shrill quality - but the bigger issue than the tonality is that I don't believe you. You sound like a kid putting on airs, rather than somebody who is truly emotionally shattered unless the girl says his name.

It's a question of authenticity, I think - so this gets back to my earlier point. I think the biggest short-term improvement in your voice will come when you unleash yourself emotionally rather than physically. Look at Jim Morrison - he wasn't pretending to be the lizard king ... he WAS the lizard king.

Don't "try" to be raspy. Your voice is your voice. Rather than try to force certain sounds your of your throat, try to simply let yourself shine through as intensely as you can. The advantage of being loud is not that you can push yourself to sing louder, but rather than you can fully let go of any blocks that stop you from being as loud as you're naturally inclined to be.

It's a subtle difference, but hugely important.
Thanks so much ArtemR and OGFrenchy, really appreciate it!

And thanks also HotspurJr. You make a very valid point, and maybe surprisingly, I do have to agree with you on most of it. I am definitely still trying to find my voice. I am nowhere near at the level I feel I need to be at to fully express myself. I mean, with my guitar I feel I can get out what I need to say without many limitations. But with my vocals I do feel restricted by my ability.

But all that said, I am happy with the improvements I have made so far, as like I said in an earlier post, not so long ago I thought I was never going to even reach this level of vocal ability. So I have to be proud of that. But of course, I aim to keep developing until I reach a point where I can freely express myself, without having to force it somewhat. Maybe someday I will be able to do so, just like Howlin' Wolf, who is one of my heroes funnily enough.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and write such a detailed response, and thanks for being honest too. I completely understand what your saying, and it was nice to hear someone say it. Makes me more determined to get where I want to be.
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I'm glad you took my notes in the spirit in which they were intended. I certainly don't hear anything which makes it sound like you can't be an excellent singer with work and self-discovery. Definitely keep at it!