I need a little bit help figuring out an order of songs for a setlist for my two bands. One of them is just my friend and I playing some acoustic/light electric songs, the other is my metalcore band.

The acoustic song list is as follows:

Macy's Day Parade (Green Day)
Waiting (Original)
Orion Jam (Metallica, just jam parts of this as maybe a segway)
Endless Highway (Slow, bluesy original, also useful for soloing)
Other Original we're working on right now, it's with distortion and darker sounding
No Surprises (Radiohead)
Say It Ain't So (Weezer)

The metalcore set is:

Purging of the Wicked (Sea of Treachery cover)
In Flames We Trust (Very heavy/thrash metal original, solos and big breakdown, a good song that shows what the band sounds like)
Owlbear (Catchy buildup intro, typical metalcore ABCDE song structure)
Reapers(More Post-Hardcore, me and screamer sing, super catchy riffs and chorus, big guitar solo, only breakdown is for bridge to solo)
A Tower To Behold (Original, lots of breakdowns, death metal/deathcore vibe)
Misery Business (By Paramore, we're doing Sea Of Treahcery's cover)
We're working on another song or two to hopefully have done soon, one will be a huge thrash fest, and the other will be a metalcore power ballad.

Any suggestions?
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I'd say have a big opening, calm it down a bit with some slower stuff, then go back to big and heavy again to finish off, for both bands.
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