I like and also value the advise here so flame me up. I want to make a foot switch for my peavey envoy 110. 1/4" plug, wire and a switch? or what. not sure how to go about it. Has this been done before? ?Thanks. I did a search and became more confused. lol
I think those just use a normal latching switch. Here's how to test it. Plug a guitar cable into the footswitch socket and short the tip to the sleeve and see what happens. If it's what I said it will only switch while the short is actually still connected and switch back when you remove it. If that's the case then you want one of these:
If it switches when you short it out and only switches back if you remove the short and replace it then you need a momentary one like this:

I almost 100% certain it's the first type.

Edit, it's also possible that the footswitch jack switches two things. In that case it will be a stereo phone plug so you'll have to test tip to sleeve and ring to sleeve using a stereo phono plug instead of a mono guitar lead. I think it is stereo from memory; channel and reverb?
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