I'm not gonna lie, with everyone using the tag prog metal these days to describe their sound (and the sound usually ended up being generic watered down meshuggah riffs in breakdowns) I was pleasantly surprised by this.

The song is very heavy in atmosphere, the riffs were pretty cool, and the song structure was pretty well done. I didn't feel as if the song dragged on, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It's pretty easy to pick out influences with this, and that's not a bad thing, but in my humble opinion, you guys might run the risk of being lost in the sea of this new prog metal movement. The core sound is really really good, but it is a tad formulaic (heavy poly-rhythmic sections, clean soaring atmospheric sections, start stop riffing, space theme, etc)

Keep doing what you're doing though. I'm pretty impressed. Not a huge fan of the entire 'djent' movement going on, but you guys are pretty good at it.

If you don't mind, would you be inclined to indulge in your studio mixing and mastering secrets? Haha, i'm going to begin doing my own recording at my home. I've got an axefx and access to Superior Drummer (which, correct me if i'm wrong, is what it sounds like you used for the drums in this song )

Good job though!
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Upon more listens, this song doesn't play on the typical cliches of this sound as much as I previously thought. For what you guys do, you are very good at it. Just liked it on Facebook, and downloaded your song