I'm a guitarist in a hardcore/post-hardcore band and I'm looking for a new cab to match. I was mostly curious about whether or not the Carvin V3 has that saturated tight tone that comes with say...a Mesa? I just want to know what someone who plays it, thinks of how much it can handle.

Thank you

Just to add on, I play an Agile AL (or AG i don't remember) 3000 with emg pick ups in it. Currently i'm playing out of a vox valvetronix amp and I'm trying to do shows with a better amp. Any advice is appreciated.

Derp. Forgot.

Prince range: 600 to 700. Any suggestions appreciated.
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I owned a Carvin V3. I loved it but the top end seemed a little brittle (I hope that makes sense). Besides that it is one of the most versatile amps on the market. The V3 is leaps and bounds above the Valvetronix, but it is not a Mesa (I don't mean it in a bad way, it's just a totally different beast)

The only reason I sold it is I hated having a stack and I wanted an amp that was more portable, (this was before they had the micro V3s)
Hmm..So do you think you would suggest it as an amp for something like hardcore? And could I throw a pedal down infront and get more stuff from it?

Oh and if you have any suggestions Feel Free. I'm currently amp hunting a friend just turned me onto a V3 because I also do play blues, and even a bit of country here and there.
The V3 is a love it or hate it amp. Everyone who likes it says you just have to take the time to learn how to EQ it properly. The downside is that you can't usually demo one unless you live in southern California. A lot of the haters say it sounds fizzy. Personally I've liked all the clips I've heard of it.

I don't think you'd need a pedal in front of a V3, except maybe an OD for that little extra tightness. It has plenty of gain. If you mean effects, it has (IIRC) 2 FX loops with all sorts of midi switching trickery built in. I've wanted to try one out for sooooo long, but have yet to get a chance.
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So Would you say throwing a maxon 808 down in front would tighten it up then?

And could you possibly show me these clips? I haven't heard much other than some crappily recorded video camera.
if you want that crazy high gain and tons of versatility it really cant be beat. i really dont need that, and i try to stick by a simple philosophy on build. i miantain that all those darn knobs and junk have th negatively afffect the sound, and i like the idea of single channel class A amps and using a pedals to push it where i want to go. plus, people say its buzzy.

so lately ive been turned on to HK tubemeister which is smaller, more simple, and giv me what i need ( i dont need 3 channels, 50 watts, or high gain).

...but then i saw the DV Mark amp line and i think those italian bastards stole my thoughts. i see a purchase sometime in my extended future.