I started a band some 2-3 months ago. We mostly play covers but so far we have one original (I kill you with a spoon on friday).

you can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TWMAB

The recording quality is not that great though because we use phones and ipad and tend to just dick about and have fun while we're playing.

So let me know what you think and whether we should make more originals.

It’s ok. I'm not a fan of the singer and you guys don’t seem that tight as a band which will come with practice. I say get a new singer he sings very monotone. also it lacks an intro come up with an intro (not the same progression though change it up a bit because the progression is a bit over used. btw I love the solo. good job though guys it’s great for a first original.
Thanks for the feedback man,

Putting an intro on it is definately a good idea

I know this version is a bit shoddy as it was the first time I pitched it to the rest of the band. Sadly I don't have recordings of later versions where everything is smoother and the singer has more confidence (It was the first time he sang in public, now he sings quite good)

I'm glad you liked the solo (I played it )

Ya no problem if you guys get any new material up or a better quality version send me a message and ill check it out!
New version of I kill you with a spoon on friday is up. Now with more cowbell and an intro