Ok I'm learning Good Mourning / Black Friday by Megadeth and I need help with fingering and chord names.



Can someone be so kind and show me fingering and chord names? THANKS
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It's likely you haven't had many responses because your thread title isn't particularly informative - people generally ignore threads simply entitled "need help" as most people posting a thread on a forum will be posting because they need help.

In terms of the fingering, just split it into a few patterns, have your index as the lowest fret, and the rest will fall into place as each pattern falls within a 4 fret block without any weird stretches, so you can easily play the lowest note with the index, the second lowest with the middle etc.

And in terms of the chord names - learn how chord construction works, the link Slashiepie gave you should do it.
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Find some videos of people playing it on youtube and see what they do.

It's better to work it out or you'll always be reliant on that method. It should be fairly obvious - you can easily split it into 5 hand positions (index at 6, then 8, then 7, then 8, then 11). Having said that without knowing the rhythm that could possibly be different - ideally you don't really want to be changing your hand position between, say, 2 sextuplets.
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Perhaps you may consider trying to learn a slightly easier song, for the time being, until you are comfortable with figuring out what fingers to use for what notes

Also chord names aren't really that important at this point in time where you are right now. Later, it will make more sense. No use bogging down your brain thinking about what you're doing... better to just play and have fun doing it!

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