check it out, let me know what you think! As always leave a link to some of your own music and I'll give it a listen.

This was recorded in our drummers basement with audacity. Definitely not the best setup but I think it came out pretty good.
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During the verse, it reminds me of "Johnny B. Goode" a little bit for some reason. The vocals remind me somewhat of the White Stripes. Sometimes the guitar playing could have a little tighter in some places, but otherwise, everything sounds very good! I dig the melodies & the style & the vocals. Please review my music at this link:

Pretty good production considering you used audacity! Love the song. Great feeling and solid musicianship. This is probably something I'd throw on my iPod. I feel like there are SLIGHT rhythmic hiccups between some of the transitions and some in the vocals. Each time you go into the chorus there's a slight ritard, not sure if that's intentional or not.

Great job though! I really like it.

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