I'll start by saying that I own a JCM 900 combo and am very content with it. Currently its spending more time at my drummer's house though, so I'm looking for a change from my cruddy yet not as bad as people proclaim Frontman. Here is the criteria:

-Modeling of some sort, not really huge into effects/amp models, but it has to have some kind of versatility to mess around with.
-Headphone jack is preferred, volume is not definitely needed, using as a home amp.
-Somewhat small and portable. Not room fillingly large.
-Tone wise looking for something that plainly is usable. Doesn't have to be an eargasm every time I turn it on, but something I can get along with.
-Budget of give or take 150 USD.

Thanks for all help/advice/suggestions in advance. Ask away if I left anything out.

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Vox Valvetronix, Roland Cube, or Peavey Vypyr

More specifically: Vox VT20 or a used Roland Cube 30/Peavey Vypyr 30
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