hey, not sure if this is in the right place but here it goes

i'm looking for a keyboard with a decent electric piano sound (tines/rhodes sort of thing) it doesn't really need any other sounds, maybe a basic piano sound but thats about it. i was wondering if they actually make keyboards like this anymore that aren't ridiculously priced. so UG, any suggestions? thanks!

Pretty cheap. Decent sound. Nice piano and electric piano plus a few other things as well. The 88 key weighted keyboard one feels quite piano-like. They're no Korg but they also don't cost like a Korg either.
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If you have a Mac, get a cheap Midi controller (I use an M-Audio Oxygen 49, $150 or something like that) and pump it into Garageband and use the onboard rhodes.

If you have a PC you can do the same thing using any other DAW (Reaper is free for 30 days and then $60, good option) and the vsti MrRay 73 which is free and sounds great (think it sounds better than GB's rhodes to be honest).

Honestly I've never heard a decent sounding Rhodes on an all-in-one keyboard, no matter how high the price, with the exception of a Nord. But if you're buying a $1500 Nord just for the EP sound you may as well buy a real Rhodes.
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