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So pit, where are your family names from?

My mothers is from Scotland (Aberdeen, to be exact), and both father and step-fathers are from England. Don't know where my step-fathers is from, but blood father's name is from Durham.
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Mexico...with possible traces back to Italy apparently? Idk, I get Spain/Italy/Mexico every time I search.

My mother's maiden name is German, Petzold, and my father's name is a Spanish derivation of a Basque name, Renteria (Errenteria in Basque).

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Mexico...with possible traces back to Italy apparently? Idk, I get Spain/Italy/Mexico every time I search.


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My real dad was Irish, but I actually don't know anything about him other than that. Both my first and last (from my mother's side) names are Irish though.
As far back as I've bothered to trace, my family is either English or Irish so yeah
My surname is German because my grandfather is German. My middle name is my grandmother's maiden name. She's Scottish. My mother side of the family is Chinese so it's nothing special as it is probably the same as 100 million other people.
I'm pretty much a European mutt. I think I'm 50% German and the rest is a mix-mash of Polish, Irish, and some other stuff.

If you go back to the 1600s I have some Greek ancestors but I don't think that counts.
fucked up family tree... The most common surnames in my family are either: Italian, Spanish, Puerto Rican, or Irish. There's plenty of gaps in the tree too

edit: my bloodline is part puerto rican and part unknown. The rest of the family is pretty diverse
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Indonesian,Russian, Australian Aboriginal, German, Finnish.Irish.
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I've been told I'm scottish or Irish and German and some sort of scandinvian

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I'm pretty much a European mutt.

Just like every white person in the world

My mother's descended from 20th century immigrants from Germany and Scotland, so I'm not even that far removed from the Old World. This was reassuring to learn.
I walk the line between fantasy and reality. One is more fun, the other is where the food is.
Pretty sure my mom's maiden name is of German origin, and my dad's is Norwegian (I think).
French, Irish, and Italian.
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My dad has full-blown Irish heritage, and my mother's parents are German and Israeli.
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Just like every white person in the world

yeah I know, I just wish I had a little more substantial percentages. Most of it is so little it's not even worth noting.
German and German.
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I'm American, but my family goes back to Ireland and Scotland. Strangely nowhere else. I recently found out that some of my ancestors were slave owners in the South, which was pretty cool. Also one of my ancestors was a major in the Union army in the civil war, so I'm not inherently a bad person.
The last bit of my family to come to America did so in the early 1800s. So I'm pretty much just American.

But for fun, they came from England, Ireland, and Germany.
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My last name is Scottish I believe (Kirk), my mother's maiden name is English (Smith?), and her current name I have no idea. (Bloomfield)
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Mother's side of family is all Northern Ontario for the most part several generations back (great grandfather being Algonquin in fact) and my father was born in Glasgow, Scotland as were his parents, though I believe my great grandparents on my father's father's side were Irish. On top of that, I know that my last name is of Welsh origin so that would have likely started it then. But overall, just Scottish-Canadian.
I'm Oji-cree (Ojibwee/Cree) and Irish, with a little bit of Swedish. Basically half native and white. Nothing special.
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By and large Scotland (Anderson clan and all that) and England. One cool thing about my mum's mum is tracing her maiden name back (Bingham) shows that her ancestors first arrived in England from France during the whole William the Conquerer episode.

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Russian/Polish basically.
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I don't actually know. I'm Yorkshire for at least 5 or 6 generations, that's all I know.

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"Of all the Anglo-Saxon names to come from Britain, Rowell is one of the most ancient"
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"The name is a result of the original family having lived in Rothwell, a place-name found in the counties of Lincolnshire, Northants and West Riding of Yorkshire."

Maybe I'm very, very Yorkshire there.
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Dutch, German, English, Portuguese & Irish, bit of a mixed bunch I'd say
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1/4 Ukrainian, 1/4 Scottish, 3/8 English, 1/8 Norwegian.

3rd Generation Canadian though, all my great-grandparents came to Canada before 1900. None of that "we're leaving Europe cause two world wars have left it in shambles" bullshit.
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Mexican and French.
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Irish and Spanish are the two that I know. I'm sure there's other shit mixed in as well, but I don't know what specifically. My grandma once gave me a history lesson about our spanish ancestry and how that side of the family kicked it in New Mexico or something.
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My mom is mostly Irish and a little Cherokee. I'm not very sure about my father since I've never met him.
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75% irish
25% mexican

In the original Irish Dempsey is Ó Diomasaigh, from diomasach, meaning "proud". The name was also occasionally anglicised "Proudman". The Ó Diomasaigh originated in the territory of Clanmalier, on the borders of what are now counties Laois and Offaly, and remained powerful in the area until the seventeenth century. In the 12th century. O’Dempsey, Chief of Offaly, was one of the few native Irish leaders who defeated Strongbow. In later years, their allegiance was to the English and they were involved with the newcomers in the massacre of the O’Lalors in Laois in 1577, an action which local tradition says was responsible for their later losses. James I recognised the strength of the family by granting the title "Viscount Clanmalier" to Terence Dempsey. The loyalty of the family to the Crown was short-lived, however, and the Williamite wars later in the century destroyed their power and scattered them.

Also im a blood relative of Jesse James
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Quarter Polish, Quarter Scottish, a bit less than a third German, the rest being a smattering of English, Irish, and possible Danish, and there may have been a Pole on my Grandmothers (Irish) side of the family.
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