I've been trying to scope out a new guitar, and I've been mostly looking at Ibanez Prestige/MIJ guitars. I've been primarily looking at mahogany-bodied ones, which means mostly S series and RGA's. I'm wondering though - is mahogany the go-to wood for metal? I plan on playing a lot of different types of music like classic rock, grunge, alt rock, thrash, and more modern types of metal like Between the Buried and Me, Killswitch Engage, Cloudkicker, etc.

Would I be missing out by going with a basswood RG? Or an alder strat if I find an HH one? I plan on swapping the pickups down the line either way.

Amp: no amp right now, hoping to get a used Peavey Ultra or XXX by year's end.
the mahogany is prefered by a lot of metal players indeed for its dark chugging qualities. basswood is a bit brighter and i prefer it a bit more depending on the guitar.
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A lot of metal players do prefer mahogany, I personally do prefer mahogany but im happy with basswood and agathis.
The S series I have is Mahogany and I like the tone I get from it... but it's not exactly the heaviest of guitars. That said, I like mahogany as a tone wood for metal. At the same time though, I like alder and good basswood for their cut and attack when mahogany is a little darker and much punchier. Pretty much, if it's palm mutey and heavy I prefer mahogany. For a little bit more cut for solo's and upper fret work, I like a good basswood
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I swapped pups on my mahogany bodied/maple neck guitar and they all sounded sweet. Has to be the mahogany that makes the sweet tones so this is the sweetest tone wood I've heard.

I have an alder/maple guitar and a walnut/maple guitar that took me a while for the pups to match the wood.
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It mostly depends on preference. Some metal players (like me, Yngwie Malmsteen, or Steve Vai) prefer guitars with alder (or ash) body due to their bright, rich sound, while some others prefer mahogany, plywood (like Mick from Slipknot), or basswood, depending on their favourite tone.
I myself would recommend mahogany if you really want the dark, rich tone. I'd just be aware that some pickups would give you the sound you'd really like, while others would kill the good tone on your guitar.
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Personally, I don't think the wood is overly important when talking about electric guitars. I may be totally wrong, but that's what I've found in my experience.

The sound is all about your amp and pickups.
^ +1

for certain types of metal, mahogany might be preferred, but for other types (and also just personal preference) alder or ash or something a bit brighter and tighter can be a better idea.
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Personally, I don't think the wood is overly important when talking about electric guitars. I may be totally wrong, but that's what I've found in my experience.

The sound is all about your amp and pickups.

That's where you're wrong mate. I have three guitars with different woods and I ran sets of pups on all three before settled down for each guitar. Makes enough difference for you to notice.
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I hae i solid mahogany guiar, one mahogany with a maple cap, a basswood tele, a ash tele, a basswood dean and a mistery wood lp clone. they all can to metal just fine, but the mahogany is deffinately a warmer/darker sound.
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I have a mahogany-bodied, maple-necked guitar I play metal on, and it's okay, but it's certainly got a newer metal tone to it(though the fact that it has EMGs might be a factor too). I play 80s shred/hard rock/speed metal, and I think alder bodies with maple necks are more my thing, I can get a much tighter tone from them, which is what I want.
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