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Does anyone of you guitar freaks ever tried/are playing harmonica?
I just got a cheap one to begin with (never played before), just for those times when I still feel the music, but my fingers can't take any more strings.
I really, really want one. In fact, I'm gonna get one when I have money again.
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ive hakf assed a few times. Id love to actually learn at some point
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Tried one. Didn't get past the ew factor.
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There are some really affordable ones on eBay (beginning at like $10).

I don't think harmonica is one of those where you have to get an expensive one, cause the sound difference is minimal, as I can see/hear. And even if it's a good one, it's still going to be pretty cheap, probably. I got one off eBay and it's pretty cool to play around. Need to start learning some blues tunes properly though.
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I've tried it, haven't really picked it up much. I want to learn, I'm just lazy.

I'm lazy as well, that's why I picked harmonica as a second one to learn for those lazy times. You can just relax, lie on your bed and keep blowing into harmonica, trying to bend those notes. Perfect for lazy people, me thinks. And you can also hold a remote or a sandwich in your other hand.
I've got one, and I can't bend or vibrato for shit. I can still play individual notes and I still love playing it.

Seriously guys pick one up it's ten bucks
buy something decent like a hohner marine band or else it will probably not be very fun to play
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I play a bit. It's pretty cool.

It's like, 10 bucks for a cheap one.
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