Couldn't Find A Thread for them, or at least not a readily available one,
I dont think they even have a proper URL for their facebook page ahaha.
but anyways,
With one tons of recorded tracks, and a Tour with Defeater on the rise,
More than life has definitely been making a splash in the hardcore scene of late.
I recommend for starters, listening to the track "Daisy Hill" off of their Love Let Me Go album,
the track features some swelling guitars, and deep tom rolls to open up into some of the best emotional pitched vocal you'll hear.
The quality of their recordings can seem a little underwhelming, but they are an incredibly tight band to see live.
Facebook/Youtube em guys.
ya feeling it?
God dammit use the search function dude.

It's at the top of the forum header, dead center, between "Members List" and "New Posts."
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