Best choice: Getting Savage Messiah's new album Plague of Consciousness (It's petrol) because they're offering it for free on their website

Worst choice: Going in this thread ololololololo
Rotten Playground
Listen to me and Jameh muck about on a podcast
as if you have anything better to do.

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Grass stains on my dicks

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Pfft. Gay? Nah, gay is the manliest sex that exists.
Best choice: Reporting this thread

Worst mistake: Actually clicking in this thread
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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Best choise: stating here for uni

Worst mistake: trying to get out of PE when I was 11 (my teacher made me run around the gym a bunch of times and I sprained my ankle and permanently screwed it up)
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Best choice

Embracing music


Not catching out when I had the chance
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Dude, your fucking sig creeps me out.

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I just noticed his sig too...I feel uncomfortable now...

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Your sig killed my boner _

Best choice: Switching to a theatre degree, and loving what I do

Worst mistake: Oh man, there's so many. Hmmm, most recently not telling a girl how I felt earlier so we could spend more time together before she left.
Not allowing myself to take drugs.
Potentially deciding not to continue with computer engineering and failing the second half of my first year, when I could have really given it a shot and potentially kept up with it.

Oh we aren't being serious in this thread... Well I guess then it would be posting a serious response in this thread

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[that guy again] gets the drum Solo and Title King of the UG.

*Drum Solo*

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Best choice: Choosing not to top myself.

Worst mistake: Not revising hard enough for my baccalaureate.
An Augmented 4th or a Diminished 5th?

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You, fine sir, have impeccable taste.

Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
Best Choice: Playing Guitar

Worst Mistake: Wasting away all my wages, then I was unemployed for 3 months and got in debt.
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You'll find whisky very different, but try it and you'll grow into it, soon you and whisky are one, but still two, lovers dancing across a frozen lake under moonlight, wrapped in honey and warmth.

Sums up whisky perfectly
Best choice: Developing an interest in music.

Worst choice: Not working harder in 6th form.
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Do you like being sigged or, like me do you feel strangely violated?
Best choice: deciding never to iron anything ever for the rest of my life
Worst choice: thinking I could wipe up a spilled drink from the keyboard and deleting - everything
not going viral

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Best Choice - Realizing education is the most important thing in life.

Worst Mistake - Not coming to that realization until after high school.
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i've always been looking for a good excuse to **** my mom.
Best choice- Picking up the guitar
Worst mistake- probably not working hard enough in 6th form, but I like where I am now so sod it. I have no regrets.
Dude, where's my band?
Best Choice - Listening to London Elektricity

Worst Mistake - Not having a social life at Uni which is meant to 'the best time of your life where you make loads of friends and have fun'. I was too chicken shit to talk to people and get outside and now I have nothing. And I'm still alone.
Best- Answering that newspaper ad.

Worst- Getting a crazy girl pregnant.