so Xmas is around the corner..looks like I won't have enough money to get myself a drumset, but I was thinking of asking my parents to buy me just the bass pedal for now, that way I can at least practice before I'll get the whole kit..

I plan to get electronic drums but I have no idea which kit I'll end up buying, so my question is, does any pedal gonna fit any drumkit? so that when I get the drums I won't need to buy another pedal!

also is it possible to use the pedal on a wall to practice or do I need a pad?

Even though I am not a drummer I'd advise to get the drums first and find something else to practice on (I am sure there is an amateur's solution). My point is, buying a bass pedal before the drums is like buying a bridge before buying a guitar. Another thing you can do is research and set your goal on a certain drum kit and buy your pedal according to it's specs, but you can get ****ed if you choose another in the future This is just my humble guitarist opinion, do what you think it right.
Any pedal works on any kit, yes. Although depending on if you're using a pad or something you may need to use a business card or something, but for the most part, yes.

You COULD use a pedal on a while, if you feel like denting it and ruining the paint So yes, get a pad. I have the Gibraltar pad-- I never use it but it works out well.

If you want to practice you don't need a pedal, you can literally just tap your feet on the floor (heel down or heel up) and it works great. It sounds retarded but trust me, it's not. I use that method all the time and have gotten excellent results. Like, literally doubled my speed in about a year or so.
I've been tapping my feet on the floor since I was born maaaaaan! LOL

thanks guys, maybe I will wait with the pedal..it's a matter of few months till I get the drums anyways