Poll: Favourite citrus fruit?
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Orange (includes mandarin, tangerine etc)
60 61%
21 21%
6 6%
6 6%
Other (please specify)
5 5%
Voters: 98.
Mine is, hands down, the watermelon.

Everything that is good in life comes from the watermelon.

Watermelon tart, Watermelon coke, hand wipes.

Er, seriously, oranges?
Lemons. I've eaten them straight on occasion.

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Grapefruit? Really?
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The one that has the same name as its color.

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Oranges, they're tasty.
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I don't like any of those
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Lemon. I used to eat them straight, but I can't anymore because it destroyed my enamel.

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Oranges are the defenition of awesomness.

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I either voted for lemon or orange. I forgot

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Watermelon > All fruits.

But Oranges and Grapefruits are best citrus. I'll vote orange because I just ate one.
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Grapefruit? Really?

Blasphemy fool, Grapefruit is the god of everything. Fuckin love those bastards. I'm going to the store right now.
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Lemons. I've eaten them straight on occasion.

Yeah, I got a mate who can do that. I prefer mandarins. Smaller than oranges and eaiser to peel.
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totally surprised no one has said kumquats, it was so predictable..
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totally surprised no one has said kumquats, it was so predictable..

Wowz. I'd never heard of them til now.
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Lime is where it's at. Obviously, I'd rather eat oranges, but for cooking and cocktails, nowt beats a lime.