So i found this guy in my country, that is selling his Epiphone Korina Explorer. I probably wouldn't consider it, if not for the fact that i have wanted an Explorer shaped (the original gibson shape, not the pointy LTDs and Jackson kellys) guitar since i started playing.

He's givin it for 200€, and it has an emg 81 in the bridge, and the original pickup in the neck position. Its the yellow one, not the black, but whatever.

So what are your thoughts on this guitar? I would use it for mainly metal music, and it owuld be my backup giging guitar, or used for drop tunings live.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
€ 200 for an Epi Explorer with an EMG 81? If it's still in good condition, it would be a steal.
I liked the one I played, I almost picked it up at the new price. I would probably change the tuners and the nut tho, I've NEVER had good luck with the tuning stability of epiphones, but thats just my experience. GRAB IT
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That is a good deal but you will either need to change the electronics and bridge pickup to passive or change the neck pickup to an active.