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I'm a big fan of Ernie Ball Slinkies, specifically the normal .10s for my Strat, and Fender 250 .9s for my Tele, but recently I've been branching out, and started using D'Addarios (mostly because they were basically 2 for 1 at the GC Black Friday sale), also .10s.

And now I'm thinking of dropping down to .8s, too, (yeah I know, reintonate and adjust the trem tension, I've done it before) because I've been playing more and the .10s have been hurting my fingers, and I want to start doing more Clapton Bends.

So, I figure "Why not make a thread?" So, what brands does EG use, what gauges does EG like?
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I pretty much only use D'addrio .10s unless I run out and see something interesting when I go to pick more up. I used Elixers for a while but they're way too expensive for me.
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d'addario XL chromes: .10 gauge. Because they have an awesome faltwound tone.
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D'Addario XL Nickel Round Wound .12 gauge. Because I tune down to D standard and drop C and I've yet to find better strings for my LP.
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Ernie Ball.

I've done a shitload of experimenting with strings. I've tried just about every brand you can get here. Ernie Ball just has my favorite feel. Cleartones are great too, they're just like thirty bucks for one set.
DR and D'Addario 9or 10's for my Ibanez and 11's for my les paul.
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Ernie Ball Power Slinkies, 11's on the GBE strings and 12's on the EAD strings. I have played using this setup exclusively for about 5 years. Nothing else feels right or sounds right. I like my strings to put up a fight.
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Dunlop Heavy Bottom .11's They Stay in Tune forever xD and i have them for longer than a regular set of strings would last, theyre just so durable, after these im gonna try some Ernie Ball 11's
elixir .11's, after experimenting with lots of different brand, i like the feel of them the most. Also i don't feel the need to change string every week or two like with d'addario's and ernie ball's
DR 9s,they last even when bent round the neck.sound good to.good value,PS if you need 8s to bend like clapton, need to work harder
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I use Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky on my Strat and am going to put .13's on my Jag. Funny thing is that I have small hands (my last gf and I both have the same sized hands). I find it rather difficult to play thin strings without overpowering them.
D'addario EXL115 round-wound, nickel-plated 11's. They sound good, hold up well, and the price is right. I have no problem bending 11's and the larger gauges actually feel better on my fingers than light, which cut in too much. I'm considering going up to 12's and the D'addario EJ21's.
D'Adarrio .009s. i dunno been using them for many years. tried other strings but always seem to come back to these.
I like DR Pure Blues (.11-.50) and Legend (.11-.48) on my semihollows.

Solid Bodies are mainly DR Hi-Beams in 11.
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I like DR Pure Blues (.11-.50) and Legend (.11-.48) on my semihollows.

Solid Bodies are mainly DR Hi-Beams in 11.

Pure nickel wraps? I may have to try those.
On my mustang I use the Green pack Ernie Ball Slinkies 10s

On my stratocaster I use the Pink pack Ernie Ball Slinkies 9s
Les Paul is D'addario 11-56.

Custom superstrat is D'addario 9-46.

MH-417 (7 string) (once I get it, which hopefully will be soon! ESP needs to get the LTD 7s back in stock) is D'addario 10-59.
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Ernie Ball 9's.

They just feel right to me. Don't know why.
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I've been using DR DDT 12s for around a month, but I want to switch back to the D'addrios 10s I have on my LTD, they just sound so much better.
I use elixir .12s, but the .52 on the low e is too thin for me so i buy separate .56 elixirs for the low e. Costs a lot of money but to me it's worth it. They last for so long. Their anti-rust coating is definitely a bonus because I get really sweaty when playing shows and stuff and I'm sure if I didnt use them my strings would get grimy pretty quick.
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Gibson Vintage Reissue VR10s. These are kind of the defacto Les Paul Strings. They work just fine so I'm sticking with them.
clear tones!!! they sound a hell of a lot better than elixirs and they last the longest of any brands ive tried!

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D'addario, 11-56, might get thicker in the future. Reminds me of thick acoustic string, on wich i started. also, i like super high tension. i dont do bends :/
using D'addrio .10s just now, switched from EB Reg Slinkys, not made up my mind if i like them as much yet. gona get another set once these are done
GHS. I use a custom set:

.008 | .011 | .014p | .022w
.030 | .042 | .056 | .080

For drop E.
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Skinny-top heavy bottom Ernie's on my MM - 10-52s : it gives me that tight power chords style things i want and gives me the bends.
10-62 on my 7 string, just normal set of EBs.
13's on my fender. again EBs, and 13's because it's a SRV tribute guitar. You should play it like he did. and it's epic.
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Super Slinkys on my electrics

The coated acoustic slinkys on my acoustics (I love these strings but they are so damn expensive, thank you guitar center for selling them half price last weekend)
I use GHS Boomers cause they last a long time and they sound good. I would use Dean Markley as they are favorite but the only shop in town that still has them want like $7 for a pack when best buy has GHS and D'Addario for $4.11 after tax.
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D'Addario .11 - .49

I use them because they sound the best to my ears and stay sounding fresh the longest.
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On my electrics, I've tried D'Addarios(all standard gauges .9-.12, and .45-105 bass strings), Elixir Nanowebs(.11s, and I bought a 3-pack of .10s for my Schecter when she needs new strings), and Ernie Balls(.9s and .10s).

I found Ernie Ball was too twangy for my liking. They kept that I-just-restrung sound that D'Addarios have for an hour for half the life of the string, which I didn't like, and which also didn't seem to be too long due to the fact that my high E broke twice out of the 4 sets of EBs I used, and I've broken 4 strings in my 3 years of playing(one of these being a 4 month-old D'Addario after I pushed my BC Rich's LFR back as far as I could as a newbie, and another having broken just after I restrung for no apparent reason, I went upstairs after tuning up, came back down and my G was broken at the stopbar).

I really like D'Addario, I started out on them, and up until about a month ago when I got my Strat(I couldn't find D'Addarios at Best Buy, which at 8 PM is the only shop open around here, so I got Elixirs, which I'm really liking). They don't keep that excess twang, but they last long, they feel nice and I've never broken one without doing something stupid like the aforementioned FR incident. xD

I've got a set of Elixirs on my Strat at the moment, and I'm loving them. They don't feel different from normal strings(maybe that's just because I'm using the thin-coated Nanoweb ones, but...), they sound comparable to D'Addarios IMO, and after a month of playing my Strat every 2 or 3 days for an hour or so at a time, they're not showing any wear yet.

I had a set of DR .10s for about a week, Iunno what it was about them but I wasn't too impressed(this was a year and a half ago), and I had Martin 80/20 Bronze .12s on my acoustic that I put on the night I bought the acoustic(the nice guy who sold my acoustic to me for $100 with a hardshell case and leather strap tossed strings and Dunlop .65 cleaner in with it), and within 2 weeks they'd become coated with what I can only assume to be verdigris. I use D'Addario .13 Phosphor Bronzes now, and despite not having changed my acoustic's strings for at least 3 months there's been nothing of the sort on my D'Addarios. o_o xD
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I use EB Not Even A Slinky for drop tunings, which is what I usually play in. They sound good in drop, and the E doesn't break as much.

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