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This is the contest where it all goes down! Where if you win, I pay the winner a 30$ prize or equal in prizes such as strings, picks etc! We will have judges which must have interest in different bands across Metal. If I "happen" to win, I choose two people to go against each other to win the prize(s)!

I want this to be a fun and learning experience for the people who have looked into, or have written melodic solos, share tips and give help on writing! All you have to do is write a short solo ranging from 30 secs to 2 minutes. I have recorded an EXAMPLE which I have also copyrighted so I don't risk losing my band's future stuff. *Before you post your ORIGINAL writings, and don't want to risk losing it to someone, I suggest you copyright it accordingly. And if you can't do that, then just use myfreecopyright. Protect your valuable melodies!


What you will need to enter:

*Guitar and recording software i.e: Sonar, audacity, fruity loops or whatever you can record guitar with!

*A YouTube channel to upload your audio. If you can't upload videos then you'll simply send me the audio file to be included in the video that showcases all the solo's that were entered at a later date.

*Simple creativity. You need to be able to catch the listeners attention. Note your recording doesn't have to be PROFESSIONALLY mixed. As long as we can tell what you are playing.


1. You can enter the contest by PM on here, or by the YouTube channel where the contest will take place which is:

2. Send your YouTube username to me by PM on here or YouTube, or simply add me as a friend so I can see your username and I will post entries here on this thread

3. Determine your top three favorite metal bands which are your Inspiration to write your solo. If it's just one, then that's fine

4. Give a name to your solo, I.e. Doomsday, Silent surprise ETC!

5. Record the actual solo, send me the audio file with name of solo. All that is required is the lead solo part, and recorded under it the backing rhythm guitar. NO drums or bass is required because I know a lot of people here have no experience in doing that, including myself so that makes room for more contestants!

Like I said, this is for fun and you don't need to be a pro. Creativity alone and a little work will get you the prizes

I will show you an EXAMPLE video of what it should look like

This isn't the solo I will be using for my entry, but it gives you a taste of the stuff I like to come up with AND, how your video should be like in similarity. Again, your recording software does not have to be the best! Watch this video before reading on


OK we will need THREE judges to determine the winner. They must be a member here at UG and have an interest in the bands we are all influenced by. I'm pretty sure and hope most of the guys entering the solo contest will be into: Parkway drive, A day to remember, All that remains, Metallica, Trivium, The devil wears prada, As I lay dying, bullet for my valentine, I killed the prom queen. etc etc that region

Judges must have general interest in the bands influencing the contestants so that they may interpret how to rate the solo. Your solo will and must be rated on a scale from 1-100. 1 being horrible, 100 being OMG insanely awesome. Total three scores from the judges will be added up and soloist with the highest score, wins.

So if your are interested in being the judge you will be properly credited and given the opportunity to get fans and subscribers depending on how far this contest can go. To be a judge just PM me here or on the YouTube channel letting me know you'd like to rate the guitar solos. HAVE A STRONG LOVE FOR MUSIC TO JUDGE!

Ahh the best part.. PRIZES!

So yeah this isn't just an average contest to win respect, you win respect plus some cool stuff. You can either win 30$ to buy whatever you'd like, or win the below items:

1. Guitar capo to sweep without the noise
2. 9 gauge Daddario strings keep your guitar fast and fresh
3. Pick of destiny picks Become a guitar god instantly

May not be the best stuff but hey, it's free for you to win! Or just take the cash. Maybe I'll give out a guitar in the future but that will be a much more organized session


If I missed anything just tell me. Please leave feedback and tell me what you think

Contest entries!

1. rubenk1994
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i will take part in here sounds like a nice idea i'm interested the result of this
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Thanks for interest guys. Hope we get much more to enter this contest and pit soloers against each other

Deadline and the day we showcase entries solos all at once: Dec30th
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Sounds very promising, I pmed you earlier, check them if you can, as it's rather important I understand more before entering ^__^
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Count me in. I fancy a go at this.
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is this still on? sign me up if so. i have a pretty good one i just finished up.
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by the way EFooteSCH ive seen your channel before! you have a rad teacher my friend! i had the honour of opening up for threat signal this past summer. one of my fav bands!
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start @ 1:30 for my tappy slidy solo, 2:08 for my classic solo and 2:45 for my 3rd solo.
or just watch the whole thing because it is awesome. i dont feel like uploading annother video to avoid having 100 different versions of one song (my soundcloud account shouts from the corner in a high gay vocie, GUILTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!) so yeah, check that stuff out.

and as you may be able to tell from my covers, im into parkway drive, but also petrucci and marco sfogli
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No idea if this has been closed but i have nothing to lose by entering...

Barely call it a 'metal' solo but its aggressive and has speed so, whatever.
I didnt record it specifically for this, its a video i recorded at my friends house of me improvising in a rock lead guitar context.

As i said, whatever
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I must participate in the contest. But before participating I wanna train myself properly that I can win the contest. I have already started practicing Metal solo. please pray for my progress.
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Might be I and dum question but I have a solo idid and am proud of so wanted to ask it as a backing track.
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is this contest even still open? its been a long time...
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