Hello guitar folks, I must ask for your help in this particular moment. Anyhow, i recently decided to sell my Ibanez SZR 520 for 362 euros,or, something around 500 dollars. Although the guitar is practically brand new, it didn`t had any success yet. But I stumbled across one sweet looking strat guitar, but I really don`t know much about it. I asked its owner to send me a mail with its serial number, and some basic info, and so he did. But he forgot to mail me the serial number, but still,i`ve received few pictures which I think that more experienced people will find very useful. So, since i am from Bosnia and Herzegovina,I`ll try my best to translate roughly the info that i received in mail today.
So, it is second-hand guitar, which costs something around 250 euros,or some 340 dollars.

Basic info : Swamp Ash Strat Squier
BODY - Swamp Ash
NECK - squier anfinity 9.5 radius, fat c profil. 21
BRIDGE PICKUP- hand winded/hand winding without wax
NECK PICKUP- hand winded/hand winding without wax


So, I simply want to trade my Ibanez for this Squier. But my concern is next. Does this Squier has decent wood quality to "support" pickup change ? Because i`ve been taught that if you are buying low price guitar,you should always pick one with better wood quality so next time ,when it comes to pickup swap,you have a decent sounding guitar.

Because strat-like guitars fit my hands better. Plus,they are somewhat lighter,and easier than mahogany guitars,and have a thiner body and neck,which suits me perfectly.

So there it is,tell me something more aobut this squier,and tell me ,as i mentioned earlier in my post, does it have decent wood quality ? ( I was planning to upgrade it with humbucker in bridge position )

Looks like a cheap Squier that had the finish stripped and was refinished naturally.

Definitely not worth 250 euros if you ask me, and most definitely not worth trading that Ibanez for. Even if you like the Squier more than the Ibanez, you're losing a lot of money in that deal.

If you want a thin, light guitar, the Saber should fill those requirements. It is mahogany, but it is insanely thin save for the middle and therefore very light.

Also, that Squire looks to be a 3 piece body, and matched terribly. The left side (facing the guitar) looks like it could be ash, but the other two pieces don't. If it is ash, I don't think it's proper "swamp ash."