whch 1?
Neck- Wizard II or Wizard III
Bridge- Edge II Zero or Edge III

which combination is gud for lead and which one for rythm?
Neck - Your preference, whichever you feel comfortable with.

Bridge - Edge II Zero

Edge III isn't that BAD, but Edge II Zero is just plain better and more stable.
Edge II zero for the bridge. I hear the Edge III is awful.

Like Raz said, it is your preference for the neck.

I've never tried a Wizard III, but I like my Wizard II.


Ibanez RG2550Z/SRX430
Alesis Core 1

I'm a student. I've got no time or space for an amp!
Edge Zero II feels better all around... but the components seem a bit... Cheap?

Wizard II 20mm-22mm VERY FLAT C
Wizard III 19-21mm/20-21 More rounded

Test both of them to see what feels best in your hands