So now I've changed my situation. I think that I'm going to be buying a cheaper guitar because I'm now shifting toward a cheap guitar + Vypyr 60 instead of the C-1 Classic. So I'm going to be looking for something with preferably a tonepros bridge.

If it's relatively cheap to install a nicer bridge, I'm ok with that. I'd also prefer something that has decent wood quality so I can upgrade the pickups without having a piece of shit guitar.

I looked at Agiles, but the one that I thought would work was only a couple hundred bucks and was revoked by someone on this forum.

Any suggestions around the price point of 2-300$?

Remember: I'm going to have a nice amp so upgrades to a crap guitar may still sound good haha.
I don't know what kind of music you are playing but you can find a good used Ltd ec series for that amount. I got an ec400 for $300. A viper300 for $200.
Also, tonepros tails are perfectly fine. The mid level Ltd 's will usually come with tonepros tail pieces and Grover tuners. Great combo for a guitar of that price.
I also recently bought an mh400 for $250 and it is one of my favorite guitars right now.
If you got to go new, look at the Epiphone G-400 in faded finishes.
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I'll look at LTD's. I haven't had any experience with them whatsoever but I love Tonepros because of Schecter. I'll start taking a look at cheaper LTD's right now, thanks!

EDIT: I prefer strat style guitars. SG/LP shapes just don't do it for me. V's look uncomfortable. Any other style just seem weird to me. Something cool and different might not be too bad..

Second Edit: I like all kinds of music. I'm by and large a soloist/improviser so a good smooth solo sound is important to me, but other than that, good distortion and decent cleans would be nice. As stated earlier, pup swaps aren't a problem.
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I got a Samick Gregg Bennet guitar a while back for 75 bucks used, I sanded it down and the body is a one piece chunk of alder, which is insane for such a cheap guitar. So if I were you I might look for a Gregg Bennett guitar, they are pretty decent price wise even new and have Duncan designed pickups (which are pretty ok), all the ones I've played have had minimal buzzing and good action too
Hmm I've never heard of that brand. Are they pretty solid? And as far as those LTD's go, I can't seem to find one in my area or on Ebay in my price range so I'm going to hold off on that for a little bit. They look pretty good though.

I'm almost giving thought to buying a really mediocre guitar with good wood and just replacing the bridge and pickups. So few guitars of lower price seem to have a bridge that I like..
Yeah they seem to be pretty solid, just a bit better than epiphone solid body guitars, and Samicks usually cost less, plus they have Grover tuners, where most Epi's in the same price range tend to have no name tuners. The only complaint I've had with them is the headstock is a little funny looking
Well I'm looking them up right now so thank you very much for the suggest, sir.