Sea Through

Sea of spirals wafting down.

Dispelled the center middle-ground.

As focus distances, the waves perpetuate in fluid motion,

Slowly drifting back and forth.

Ebb and flow.

Ebb and flow.

From what is given, shall be returned.

A fire starts within the dense forest.

Looming through the trees, the moon glows silently.

The created of the blazing flames guides.

Out of curiosity your path is paved.

Follow the light.

Although the forest is beautiful, perhaps a change of scenery can broaden your horizons.

Experience all terrain while you can still navigate.

For the world is a diverse place.

Don't become too comfortable,

See what else there is to discover.

The massive landscapes can hold you in.

Don't define your life on where you've been,

But to where you're going.
Some nice bits, but I think you need to give more clues to the reader/listener what it is about at an earlier stage.
The first two lines are my favourite.
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