Hey guys, I've been thinking about upgrading from my Line 6 Spider Valve 112 mk1, and I've found a used (good condition) Bugera 6262 head+cab+footswitch locally for $800.
I play mostly metal and jazz fusion, so I would like an amp that has a good distortion, but can also manage cleans. About the former I am not so worried, but I haven't heard much about the 6262's clean tone.

So, to any of you that have had experience with the 6262, how does the clean channel sound? And in general, is the amp worth it?
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i played one briefly but not for cleans
i hear it has better cleans than the 6505s
everyones definition of clean is different
use the link in my sig to see if you determine a good used value
i recommend this format tho for what amp threads