Hello all,

Im fairly proud of this most recent song i put together but that doesnt mean i dont want all the criticism on it i can get. my biggest question since finishing up the instruments on it was whether or not to add vocals, a question on which i am still torn. im also interested in hearing about all the other dynamics of it too, what works what doesnt, etc. so let me hear it.

Here's my song, leave a link to yours and ill be sure to c4c
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Thanks for the elaborate reviews! This song has an unusual vibe to it (more on the intro), I like it overall. I think the vast majority of the melodies are quite good, though every once in awhile there is a lick that'll throw my brain for a loop. Sounds like you have some fretless bass going? I like it. The strings add to it quite a bit. Sounds very nice around 1:00! Very often I bug people to add vocals, though I didn't feel it was in desperate need of vocals. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, unless you're tired of working on it. Parts of the song have a Spanish/Mexican vibe (nothing wrong with that!). I listened to this 3 times. It seemed a bit less unusual every time I hear it. The playing is all good. Keep at it my friend!
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Thanks for your kind words. The bass i used actually isnt fretless but ill take that as a compliment since i had a fair amount of sliding going on on the bass part so it must have been pretty smooth to give that impression. Its kind of funny that people always point out spanish feels in my songs, they always seem to sneak in. thanks for your input on the vocal dilemma as well, hopefully i can get some more opinions on that too
I wasn't too sure about this before the strings came in, that picking just before the strings sounded a bit weak in contrast with the bass.

But the first figure with strings was really well written. The figure where you have the duel tremolo is really interesting, I like it

The melody for the (chorus?) is really catchy, I'm Scottish and it sounds quite folky to me.

Good job I like it! Especially the little lick at the end.

Hey thanks for the review man.

This is super unique. and yes I agree with others who have said the intro is a bit weird. but i ****ing love it. this is all very well put together. Although it has already been brought up I second that it sounds just a slight bit weak before the strings come in, although maybe having that contrast is what made it sound so full when they did. The main little ditty is catchy as hell.
I can definitely hear some frusciante influence which was only confirmed when I looked at some of your other videos. ha
I am curious though are you planning on leaving this as an instrumental or putting vox on it eventually? Also, this song works completely well without drums however if there were some way for you to throw some on top of it I really thinkt hat would seal the deal. But seriously, as is the song is super legit. You are gettin a sub' from me for sure (and I don't hand those out to often ha)
hey i appreciate it a lot, basically my thinking after finishing it up was that the parts without strings could probably benefit from lyrics since they were a little lighter but the parts with strings sounded so full without anything that they could stand alone and hold their weight no problem. i havent made a concrete decision but i think at this point i would have to come up with nothing short of brilliance lyrically to consider it (and im a super amateur on the vocals so im not sure i could even do it justice). the more ive listened to it the more i actually kind of like the juxtaposition of the lighter parts because i feel like it makes the build up into the catchy chorus all the more dramatic. i dont have a sure fire way to throw in drums but its definitely an interesting concept to think about and is worth some consideration. thanks again for the great review
I agree with the posts above, this does have an unusual vibe to it, i really like the chord progression you used in the middle of the song. at first i was going to say that it would be better with vocals, but actually i think it works really well as an instrumental (and you sure can play) . i think maybe a little more accompinment from some percussion would maybe sound nice, but overall thats a pretty sweet jam you've got there.

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i think vocals would really improve the song. Some of the timing is a little off, but it's nothing too crazy. The whole thing sort of reminds me of john frusciante. I really like it. interesting chord progression, cool string parts. I'd say with some vocals and a little percussion (maybe bongos?) you would have a hell of a song
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