I know that there are some good vocal lessons on youtube, but for every good lessons, there are a few bad, I'm sure.

Can anyone share some link or youtube channel from a good teacher?

I'm in hopes of finding a good classical singing tutorial, not just pop and rock
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not sure if its what you're after but if you YouTube "sbgalt" another uger has put me onto him a week or so ago he has exercises that have helped my so quickly, legit about a day after I started doing his exercises I had so much more confidence. Dude is a god
He doesn't have any Youtube lessons yet but Michael Mayer of VocalWisdom.com is worth a read. Most of his experience is from the classical world but the main thing he stresses is natural vocal function (the way the voice works, not somebody's opinion of how the voice works). Here's an example: http://vocalwisdom.com/qa-using-the-larynx