I'm looking into one to replace my JCA20h. I mostly play Alternative, Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Sludge and Punkish Indie Rock. (I play black metal as well but that's what Amplitube is for).

My budget can go as high as $400, used gear is preferable. I've been looking into the Orange Tiny Terror and the Fender Blues Jr. I have a Way Huge Swollen Pickle II, a Z.Vex Fuzz Factory, a Boss BF-2, an MXR Noise Gate, and a TC Electronic Nova Repeater. I run all my effects into the front of any amplifier I've ever played because I don't like effects loops.
The Blues Junior could work for you and I would also look in to a Vox AC15. If you want more gain, I'd look into a Blackheart Handsome Devil instead of a Tiny Terror. Obviously the best option would be to go to your nearest dealer and try out your rig with whatever amps they have available.
Blues Jr. or AC15 for sure.
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My peavey classic 30 works pretty well with my fuzz and it would give you more headroom if you're going to be gigging with it. You didn't say you would be but I just thought Id let you know.
Blues or Pro Junior are both great options. I have an AC15 and I love it but it doesn't take to fuzz pedals all that well IMO.
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I have the bh handsome devil 15 and it takes pedals as good or better than any of my other amps. I liked it enough I had it modded. Put about $250 in it and now its one of my favorite amps and I've got some high $ stuff. Its also a little differant than most amps out there, a cross between a fender annd a marshall that I think works really well. Hope this helps.
if u buy pro junior make sure to get a mexican one the american one has TERRIBLE tube rattle. Only have to worry about that if ur buying used tho.