Alright guys I found this old 1960s Melody Maker and was wondering if its worth fixing up. I really have no idea how to sand or paint or do any of that kind of stuff. So I will be sending it off to be repainted and stuff.


Breaks, headstock reglue. Cracks, hundreds in the finish, one on the
> headstock. Repairs, many. Neck straight? yes, Frets, replaced, good,
> slight
> wear.. This is a great player's guitar. When we took it in, it was in
> really tough shape, but it was a "diamond in the rough", so we bought it
> and
> gave it several hundred dollars of love. There's a young guy playing it
> right now, it sounds fantastic. It has strat pickups and an Epiphone
> replacement bridge. The old mahogeny really sings.
> The old bridge had three screws, so there are three plugged holes.









I need to know what you guys think of this guitar and is it worth fixing up.
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Leave it as-is. If you sand it down and refinish it, someday you'll regret it. You'll destroy any value that guitar has. It has mojo. You know what mojo is? Look at that guitar - it has it.
I will change the pickups if I do buy it. Also do you think that there is any value in it with the bridge being off an Epi and the pickups off a Fender ?
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Im not sure an Epi bridge is gonna fit, they are metric spacing for the lugs/posts. that Gibson is all SAE spacing.
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That is a guitar we call road worn, and people pay big bucks for that look- often unauthentic.
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Well one thing I would like to change on this guitar is tracking down a bridge that would fit it and also the pickup's. I see on ebay that there is replacement pickup for the bridge pickup and I was wondering if i could use it for the neck as well.

Also could you guys help me find a bridge for it ?
Personally i would buy it and give it a really REALLY good cleaning and tighten up all the electronics and make sure it is working perfect. That would be it... just play it. Looks like that guitar has had a hard life but it was played and that is awesome. Just clean and adjust it and keep on playing.

Sorry... i should really learn to read. I would not strip or paint it. Looks like a tough as nails battle axe.
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