Hey, guys. I am thinking about buying a Schecter Damien elite 7 Fr as my first Floyd rose and first 7 string. My question is, I want to be able to drop the 7th "B" string to "A." I have seen several videos on how to drop tune a six string floyd rose, and I think i could do it based on all the things i have seen and read. But, I want to see a video on how to do this on a seven string to make sure i don't completely **** my brand new guitar straight out of the box. If you guys know of any videos or articles, please post them so I can read up.
Thanks ahead of time!
Floyd Roses are meant to be kept in one tuning. If you want multiple tunings, you need multiple guitars.
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Changing tuning on a 7 string Floyd is no different to how it is on a 6 string Floyd. You need to make sure you get a suitable string gauge for the tuning, you need to adjust the spring tension and you may need to adjust the saddle for better intonation. The fact it's a 7 string just means it'll take a little longer to get the spring tension balanced right because you've got one more string to balance out.
Quote by Dr. McBadass
make sure i don't completely **** my brand new guitar straight out of the box

If you can do that by trying to retune it, I don't think you're qualified to own a guitar and you probably shouldn't even be let out of the house without a carer of some kind...
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