Hey guys.
So, my dad has a GT-8. I use it time to time, (albeit I can't function it. Didn't read manual.) Anyways, I asked for one for my own for Christmas, but my local music store doesn't have it in stock and the model has been discontinued. The store does have the GT-3 for a very nice price.

1) Does the GT-3 have the same amount of effects and stuff as the GT-8?
2) Does the GT-3 have quality sounds for everything that I need (death metal, jazz, instrumental rock, et cetera.)
3) In your opinion, is the GT-3 better than the GT-8?

Thanks a bunch guys.
The effects sound better as the numbers go up. I wouldn't touch a GT-3. That's outdated modeling technology.
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The GT-3 is not bad because it's supposed to be analog. If you can get it for a good price get it. I had one long ago and it has plenty to play with. I kinda wished I kept it but when I got the GT-10 forgetaboutit.
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