My main guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul, has been having some issues. It has some fret buzz at the 14 fret on the A and D strings. Apparently the neck has a twist in it, so either I have to raise the action way up or just deal with it.

I've also been wanting a new guitar. My room mate recently acquired an Epiphone Limited Edition/Custom Shop SG in white. It has a super thin neck that I really like.

So I've been looking at the local GC for guitars. I've liked some of the Schecters in there, but I haven't heard a lot about them, so I was wondering what people thought about the model pictured. I spent maybe 20-30 minutes playing it the other day, and I really liked it. It has a somewhat thin neck (but not as thin as the room mate SG), and a push/pull knob for single-coil/humbucker selection in the bridge, which isn't anything I am particularly interested in.

I do like my Epiphone Les Paul, I just wish it:

1.) Didn't have any fret buzz

2.) Frets above the 17th were in easy reach

3.) Had a bit more gain, but keeping its nice fat sound

Any opinions or other similar guitars I might like? $700 bucks is about as much as I can throw at a new guitar right now, give or take.

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Schecter C1 CST 3 Tone Sunburst.jpg
PRS SE custom 24/Tremonti both very nice guitars for the price.
LTD H/M/MH-401/1000( with passive SD, not EMG's)
Schecter make some nice guitars for the money.
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If you want a thinner neck, maybe go for an LTD H-1000. Now, I haven't really played one (picked up an EC-1000 and strummed a couple chords) but lots of people say the neck is in between a Schecter and an Ibanez for neck thickness.
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If you want one of them, go used. Schecters have really bad resale value and you can save at least a couple hundred finding one used.
I have a C-1 Semi Hollowbody and love it! I would put the C-1's at the top of the Schecter guitars. It does everything from clean and bluesy to straight up rock. It doesn't get that real stratty sound, but somehow I don't think that's what you're going for anyway.

Quote by griffin888
If you want one of them, go used. Schecters have really bad resale value and you can save at least a couple hundred finding one used.

True^^^ Just plan on keeping it or trading with someone (non retail) if you decide you want something else.
used to have one is blue... 2 things you should be wary of:

24frets + 24.75 scale: smaller fret spaces, this is a SERIOUS deal breaker
-Faster to get up the neck but may accidentally hit other frets on your way up.
-The Seymour Duncan SH11 (Custom Custom) might be too twangy and classic for you.

I sold this guitar for an ltd mh-1000nt:
-Same price
-Same hardware
-Same factory
-Same Parent company
-Rosewood fingerboard
-JB in bridge, Fatter, Warmer, less twang
-25'5 scale
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Hmm, solidrane, you make some good points. I did notice the tight spacing of the frets as I got up high.

And if Schecters don't hold their value well, do ESP fair a little better?


Also, I would like to stick with either independent tone/volume (I kinda like the kill-switch ability), or at the very least a 3 knob independent volume set up.

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And if Schecters don't hold their value well, do ESP fair a little better?

No they don't. I used to have an MH-100, and could only turn it into half of a Carbon Copy delay pedal. If you're gonna buy ESP, it'd better be a guitar you really want BAD! You should probably be spending a significant amount of money on it as well if you're worried about resale value.
I've been back to GC twice this week. I kept looking for an ESP LTD H-1000, but the only ones they had in that price range had EMG actives and usually a Floyd Rose-style tremolo.

That Schecter pictured seemed to be the only one like it there, so I tried it out on their JVM 410H amp on Day 1, and it sounded pretty good.

Day 2, I strolled over to an Egnater Vengeance (?). Hadn't heard anything about it, but plugged it in.

The guitar sounded AMAZING on the 2nd channel (controls on the right side). In fact, I think I'm falling in love with the amp now too...

Unfortunately, they don't have my amp there (Traynor YCS50 combo).

Anyway, are ESPs at the $700 range with active pickups and a floating trem priced well? Are they a bit better (as far as features) than the Schecter? Will they break in a month? I am really leaning towards this C1...
Not sure about how well the ESP's are priced... The one I had was still good when I sold it. I just got sick of dealing with the floyd rose and didn't use it a whole lot anymore. Bought for $400 and sold 5 years later for about $75. Maybe check ebay and craigslist ads for what that model is going for used. Could give you a better idea.

I can say that the C1 will last. Mine is about 7 years old and my only real issue is keeping the volume pot clean, and that has only been about the past 6 months. I don't remember what size, but its a hex screw that holds the nob on and GC guitar techs sometimes sell a compressed air with lubricant to clean the moving part. If anything, someday I might change out the pickups on it, but don't really plan on getting rid of it. Its a nice guitar and its enjoyable to play.