I've got an old strat knock-off I'm reworking, so I'm planning to order a whole new set of pickups and I'd like some help and advice as it's the first time I've ever attempted something like this. Right now I'm looking at a Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck, a Duncan Vintage for Strat in the middle and an EMG H4 in the bridge. I'm trying to a get a versatile sound out of this guitar and the ability to go from a warm, rich, clean sound to a full, lush distortion. Will this combination be able to do what I want? Do you have any suggestions of something that might work better?
why the emg h4? - sounded shit in a jackson dinky i tried, not a good pickup imo. there are far better passive high output bridge pups- duncan distortion and custom. Dimarzio super distortion, evolution, crunch lab, d activator. Seriously - the middle and neck pup choices are sound, but passive EMGs sound bad to my ears
My experiences with the EMGs have been good, but I'll take a look at the ones you suggested!