Sadly, I have to sell my B-52 half stack and my Trace Elliot to pay for new parts for my truck so it will be drivable. Both are in good condition, used, but good condition.

The B-52 has a small tear in the toltex, but otherwise is in perfect condition and works perfectly.

The Trace Elliot was made in 1993, it's a 700 watt Hybrid Bass amp rack style, is designed to power a 4x10 and a 1x15 at the same time, with one 1/4th jack speaker out, and a XLR style speaker out jack. I've done a few minor repairs to this amp, such as the fuses. I soldered in new fuse holders and put in new fuses so that should never be a problem again. The amp has seen it's fair share of use, a bit beat up cosmetically, but all the knobs are still there, everything works perfectly, and is very tough.

You can PM me for pictures, or a price. Since they are large, I can't ship them, so you'll have to come pick either one or both up from Cedar Park, which is near Austin, TX.