So as I know how to do them I think. You clench up on your pick and as you hit the string with the pick you touch it with your thumb, however I still can't do them that well. Is the thickness of my pick a factor?
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The thickness of your pick may be a rather small factor. Instead, where you're picking the string in relation to the pickups and guitar/amp settings may have a bigger factor. Watch that video.
I hate dial up sooooooooo much, I'll have to watch it tomorrow.
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Make sure your thumb is in a position on the pick where it will barely graze the string after you hit it with the pick. Usually when you want to hit a harmonic, you will most likely have to slightly adjust the angle of your hand in order to allow this to happen.

Keep experimenting with thumb and hand positions until you find one that gives you a harmonic. I have found that they are easiest to hit around the 7th fret on the G string. Also giving the note some vibrato will help make the harmonic ring out better. It will also make it much easier if you have a lot of gain in your tone.

Once you find a good position, keep hitting it until you get a good feel for it. Then simply try to switch back to normal picking without having to drastically readjust your thumb. Then, try to go back to the harmonic.

Like muting and other techniques, harmonics get mastered with time. You will eventually be able to do it 100% naturally and smoothly. Whenever you are messing around on the guitar, keep trying to hit harmonics in random and creative spots. Even if you can't do it, you will get the feel for it and eventually be able to do it.
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^Thank you for being dial up friendly AND helpful, normally I get one or the other.
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Basically what that dude said, you have to try twist your pick "Downards" as well while your thumb barely swipes past the string.
Once you get them they are as easy as taking a piss.
I know you know this, but you have to hit them in the 'exact' right spot.
How one might go about finding this spot is cranking the gain on your amp, then picking a string fairly hard (let it ring out). Then tap the string, or touch it gently with your thumb. You want only a small surface to be touching it (just the edge of your thumb). If you touch the right spot and have enough gain, you will hear the pinch harmonic. Of course it won't sound as ballsy but thats just to give you an idea of where it is.
Just a heads up, pinch harmonics took me forever to figure out, even though I had the right technique all along. Also would have helped if i had higher output pups