Mix is pretty good. I think the drums are too loud but that's just my opinion. The rhythm guitar in the beginning is a little muddy but I don't know whether that's the playing or the amp or the miking or the EQing, etc. It's solid though, the bottom end has nice punch without being overpowering and the top is shimmery without being harsh.

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This is what I think: the first 14 seconds sound like too much caffeine with the drums going 5,000 miles per hour, though I'm sure many people would be fine with it (otherwise the intro is fine). I'd suggest drums that sound more natural speed-wise. After that it sounds really good! Keep workin' on it man! Please review my music at this link:

The kick has a lot of top end click in it, why I find slightly annoying, but in a world of subjective views you might be after that sound. I also agree with Artemis the drums are slightly too loud.
This sounds pretty solid, aside from the drums. In my opinion the DFH shells have always sounded super thin and plastic-y. I'd try to give you kick a little more low end and I'd cut the mids out to get rid of that cardboard sound. The snare could also use a bit more body, find the fundamentals of the snare, boost those, then make a cut in the bass at that frequency.

Although this is personal preference, I think you should try adding a distorted/grit track to your bass for a little more mean-ness!

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