I've been living away at university for 4 years now and at the end of this year I'm going to have to move home because my job just won't cover me to live away anymore.

Question is, the town has no active music scene including no open mics, only 1 band night that I can think of, and no jam venues or nights. There's 1 music shop and I don't know how they've stayed open all these years. Can anyone think of any ways to find more musicians to jam with or hang out with?

I've thought about posters in music shops but people tend to ignore them, I've thought about online classified ads on joinmyband.co.uk or something but there's not really anyone in the area looking for people. I thought about going to jam nights and open mic's . . . but there aren't any. I'm considering starting one, but I'm concerned that the town (very small and with a more rap/ urban sort of crowd) wouldn't be able to sustain a night like this. I also don't know where I'd find the musicians to fill a night like that considering I can't even find any to jam with yet.

My one ally so far is a rock bar that I've never seen busy, but I mean I suppose that might have to do. Any ideas for finding other people?
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My friend and I are bringing back shoegazing. Pretty soon Tracy ca will be what seattle was for grunge. Youl see.... If not, im gonna form a btbam cover band
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I am in the same sort of situation. I would love to play with some people, but there are few musicians in this small town. Only one other person really plays the guitar, and he performs every few weeks at a local restaurant, with his acoustic guitar. His style doesn't really match mine enough to play together, so he's not exactly an option to jam with. If I could start something (once out of school) like you've mentioned, it would be awesome, but I just don't know of it's success. I'll keep up with this thread, see how it turns out, and maybe try to improve my situation as well.

Good luck!
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My friend and I are bringing back shoegazing. Pretty soon Tracy ca will be what seattle was for grunge. Youl see.... If not, im gonna form a btbam cover band

Good luck on that cover band!

OT: Not sure what to say, cept to just try to put posters up 'cause SOMEONE has to see something, and do it just for fun and not try to make a scene. Just let it all come to you with time.

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I'm sort of putting feelers out at the moment. I have a few months till I'm back and I'm trying to contact anyone who is still back home to see if any of them know any musicians. Even one link or something could lead to me going to a rock club with them and meeting some other people. It's just a case that I don't wanna walk in blind. Without the excuse of something like classes or neighbours, it's sort of hard to meet people in truth. Walking up to people and talking to them in the streets is entertaining but not necessarily the best way to create lasting musical relationships =D

As for tl;dr guy - focus man!