Can Someone please link me to some tab downloads for tuxguitar (guitar pro files included!);
Wishing Well
I Love my Parents
Angel Monster
Electric Tears
A Real Diamond In the rough
Inward Journey
Baptism of Solitude
Bolt on Neck
For Mom
Big D's Touch
Carpel Tunnel Slug
The Android of Notre Dame
My Sheetz
Allowed to Play
Asylum of Glass
Big Sur Moon
Lone Sal Bug
Bedlams Bluff
Moths to Flame
All in The Waiting
Cruel Reality of Nature
Sketches of Spain (For Miles)
Broken Mirror
sled ride
sea wall

also I know this may be the wrong area but I have some tuxguitar tab requests from other artists too!;

Nin- Somewhat Damaged
Nin- The Fragile
Nin- Starfvckers Inc
Nin- Mr Self Destruct
Nin- Hurt

Austrian Death Machine- Terminator 2 Theme
Austrian Death Machine- Killing is my Business....and busines is good!

2pac- Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)
2pac- My Block
2pac- It ain't easy

Marilyn Manson- Unkillable Monster
Marilyn Manson- Sweet Dreams
Marilyn Manson- Get Your Gunn
Marilyn Manson- The Reflecting God
Marilyn Manson- Slutgarden
Marilyn Manson- Snake Eyez and Sissies

Brad Sucks- Fixing My Brain
Brad Sucks- Bad Attraction
Brad Sucks- Sick as a Dog
Brad Sucks- Dirtbag

Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah
Jeff Buckley- Last Goodbye
Jeff Buckley- Soo Real
Jeff Buckley- Dream Brother

Ektomorf- Sick of it All
Ektomorf- I choke
Ektomorf- Red Eye
Ektomorf- Outcast

David Bowie- Underground
David Bowie- Heroes

Avenged Sevenfold- Almost Easy
Avenged Sevenfold- Afterlife

Disturbed- Voices

John Lennon- Imagine
John Lennon- Working Class Hero
John Lennon- Stand By NMe
John Lennon- Nobody Told Me
John Lennon- Borrowed Time

Rammstein- Du Hast
Rammstein- Buch Dich

INXS- Devil Inside

Karen O and The Kids- All is Love
Karen O and The Kids- Wideaway/Hideaway
Karen O and The Kids- Building All is Love

Slayer- Raining Blood

Megadeth- Trust
Megadeth- I'll Get Even

Troy Horne- Champion

Rick James- Mary Jane

Pete Murray- Opportunity
Pete Murray- Better Days

Eminem- Space Bound

Foo Fighters-Let it Die (Pretenders)

Mumford and Sons- Little Lion Man

Pantera- Walk

Schubert- Ellen Dritter Gesang (Ave Maria)
Click search tabs. Search the tabs. Download tabs. Done.

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Click search tabs. Search the tabs. Download tabs. Done.

so I should be able ot find gp5 files on here that are compatiable with Tuxguitar???