So i was wondering if it's possible to tune my high C string to high E, or if the tension would be too much and the string would snap. The strings I have are D'addario XL nickel wound 6-string pack (.032, .045, .065, .080, .100, .130). I really don't wanna snap my high C as I really like it but it would be great if it could be tuned up to high E.
Thanks in advance.
when you say high E do you mean the E above treble cleff because that'll definitely break your string, but if you just mean E like the E the highest string on a standard tuned bass you'll be fine
umm not really 100% sure where it would be on there but like you know the High C on a 6-string? Well, 2 whole steps higher than that. Like if you took the C and kept going sharper and sharper until you reached E. Would that break the string or could it withstand the tension up two whole steps from the C?
Shit i was trying not to have to go out and buy more strings haha but allrite I might look into that that would be a hell of a lot easier
Piccolo bass strings are what you are looking for. Mix them with the others and you're set.
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