I was looking at the Washburn EA15 which has Catalpa back and sides. What is Catalpa and how does it sound? Anyone had any experiences with this guitar or this wood.
I did a quick search on da Web...
I recall having seen and played in these trees as a lad; but never knew WTH they were good for.
Seems they are good for turning, carving and are similar in finished form to Ash. Some furniture and parts are made from Catalpa. A relatively soft deciduous wood native to N. America; hence the Cherokee Indian name... albeit, originally misspelled. Both machine and hand tool friendly; but appears to have some tricks needed to sand to satisfactory finish?
I actually found a beautiful pic of a Catalpa solid-body guitar; but it would not directly copy/paste... http://www.nickengler.com/Forum/vanilla/comments.php?DiscussionID=21 , so here's a link for you to peruse.

doesn't matter what catalpa sounds like as this has laminated catalpa back and sides. that means a thin - sometimes paper thin - veneer of catalpa over a thicker slice or two of an entirely different wood. for that matter, the guitar has a laminated maple top, so expect that a combination of the built (including their lamination process and the bracing) plus the wood underneath the listed woods are what will dictate the tone.
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