Hey, I'm interested in buying the Jackson Kelly std professional model for 200 ,but I'm worried that it could possibly be a cheap model compared to some 200$ ibanez guitars. Anyone have any experience with the guitar? Would you recommend it? It seems as if the std professional kelly was made in japan and that it was the lower end professional model based on a Jackson catalog that I have from the 90's.Another reason that I think it might be cheap is because of the inlays and the bolted on neck. Any help would be appreciated Here are some of the specs that it has: Year:1993-95 Price:$795 Body:Poplar Neck:Maple FingerB.:Rosewood Construct.Bolt-on 24 Inlays: Dot pearl PC:HH Pick ups:J92C • J50N Bridge:JT-580LP
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One of these fellows, I take it.

Yep, they're good. Everything that came out of the Japanese Jackson factory in the early 90's was a very nice instrument. The stuff like the bolt on neck and dot inlays are because it was a slightly cheaper model than the top line "Kelly Pro", but they've still got a reputation as really good players.

If you can check it out, that would be good, especially since it's an older instrument. But to me that looks like a good deal.
I would visit JCF online and ask the experts.

But if you can get a Kelly from the 90's for $200 id do it for sure.
Well apparently the guy hasn't played it for about 10 years and it comes with the original hard case. It has no strings so I wouldn't be able to play it until i string it. But from the looks of it you guys are making it seem like a good so I'm probably gonna jump on it.